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 Hanukkah Traditions and History
Hanukkah is the annual Jewish Festival of Lights that starts on the 25th day of Kislev as per the Jewish calendar. It is an eight-day festival of religious observance by Jews across the world. Hanukkah celebrates the victory of Jewish troops led by Judah Maccabee over the Greek soldiers, the miracle of purified oil, which lit Menorah for eight days continuously, and the rededication of Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
  • Hanukkah for Jews is as important as Christmas for Christians.
  • Hanukkah is spelt differently by different people. Some name it as Chanukkah while the majority of people name it as Hanukkah.
  • As per the Western calendar, the date for the commencement of Chanukah varies every year.
  • Lighting of Menorah is the main Hanukah tradition.
  • The Hanukkah candles are added onto the special candelabrum from right to left, but are lit only from left to right.
  • 'Hanerot Hallalu', an ancient Hanukkah song is recited or sang while lighting the candles.
  • According to Chanukkah tradition, the candles on the candelabrum should not blow out until the end of the festival.
  • Traditional Hanukkah food is cooked during the festival. Oil is the key ingredient of the foods, which is a sign of tribute to the miracle of purified oil.
  • Gifts are also exchanged during the festival of Hanukkah. This tradition is probably adapted from the Christmas tradition of gift giving.
  • Gambling is considered almost a sin. However, a gambling game called as "dreidel" is a popular Hanukkah tradition. People play this game with a square spinning top. However, the game is not played for hefty sum, but for pennies or chocolate coins.



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