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Here is a list of movies that will help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Movies 
Darby O'Gill and the Little People
Darby O'Gill (Albert Sharpe) is a man with the Irish gift of gab who finds himself face-to-face with the magical little people, the leprechauns, in an underestimated Disney classic. Unexpectedly, one of the old storyteller's tall tales comes true when he captures the King of the Leprechauns, who must grant him three wishes.
A Very Unlucky Leprechaun
Molly and her father have inherited a house in Ireland nicknamed "Misfortune Manor"(a house that brings misfortune to all residents). Soon Molly discovers a leprechaun living in the house, and she befriends him. Unfortunately he has no luck because he hasn't eaten a four-leaf clover in over a hundred years. When the bad luck begins to rub off on Molly, she gets into all kinds of trouble. 
Finian's Rainbow
Twenty years after its opening on Broadway, the musical FINIAN’S RAINBOW made its debut on film thanks to Francis Ford Coppola. The movie stars Fred Astaire as Irishman Finian McLonergan, who steals a pot of gold from the leprechaun Og (Tommy Steele) and, with his daughter Sharon (Petula Clark), brings it to Rainbow Valley in the fictional southern state of Missitucky.
The Magical Land Of The Leprechauns
An adorable Hallmark movie about a business man who rents a cottage on the "magical" Emerald Isle. This cottage he rents just so happens to have fairies and leprechauns living in it.
The Luck of the Irish
This is an adorable movie that's great for the kids since it is from Disney. It's about a teenage boy named Kyle who has a pot o' gold charm that has always brought him luck. Then one day he loses the pot o' gold charm and that's when he learns the truth about his families back round. 
Chip n’Dale Rescue Rangers: The Last Leprechaun

This is a cute movie which stars the two little furry rodents Chip and Dale who always find something to get themselves into. However this time they duo are matching wits with a feisty little Leprechaun.

The Gnome Mobile
This is a movie about an eccentric millionaire and his grandchildren. The millionaire and his grandchildren get involved in the plight of some gnomes in the forest who are searching for the rest of their tribe


Movies for St. Patrick's Day



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