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Check-Ups for First Graders

Print off the "Check-Ups" and get started!


Language Growth 

O  Your child uses longer complex sentences.
Put out two piles of cereal; one with a few pieces and one with a lot of pieces of cereal.  Ask your child which pile has the most cereal, least cereal, many cereal pieces, and fewer cereal pieces.
O  Your child can answer the questions of most, least, many, and few concepts correctly.
O   Your child asks questions clearly.
O  Your child asks the meaning of new words when they do not know the meaning.
O   Your child uses and understand the concepts of yesterday, today, last night, tomorrow, and morning.
A duck is to quack as a lion is to _________ (roar).
A swan is to swim as a snake is to ________(crawl).
O   Your child can complete simple analogies.
Ask your child to name three things you find in a kitchen. 
O   Your child names three things in a kitchen.
O   As you read stories to your child they can predict what will happen next in the story.
O  Your child can retell a story in the correct sequence.
O  Your child can repeat a familiar joke.
O   Your child can explain simple board or card games to others.
Flowering 1st Graders

Social Growth
O   Your child asks permission to play with other children’s toys.
O   Your child adds their own ideas to discussions.
O   Your child cooperates with 2-5 other children in simple projects.
O   Your child can pass and put their own food on their plates.
O   Your child can turn on their own water and take a bath on their own.
O   Your child can make their own bed.
O   Your child picks up their own toys.
O   Your child can buckle their own seat belt.
O   Your child can walk to familiar locations around your house.
O   Your child knows how to play card and board games.
O   Your child selects their own friends.
O   Your child will comfort another child who is in distress.
O   Your child shows appropriate behavior in public places.
O  Your child has good health habits (washing hands, blowing nose with a Kleenex, chewing with their mouth closed…)
O   Your child can answer the telephone, makes telephone calls, and talk on the telephone.
O   Your child can remain silent at appropriate times (when someone is talking, in a movie, at school…)
O  Your child understands acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
O   Your child shows pride and confidence in their own accomplishments.
O  Your child can complete a task independently without adult supervision.
Flowering 1st Graders

Physical Growth
O   Your child can skip using alternating feet.
O   Your child can swing getting the swing started on their own and sustaining motion.
O   Your child can move from one overhead bar to another.
O   Your child can catch, throw, and hit a ball with a bat.
O   Your child can ride a bicycle.
O   Your child can jump rope.
O   Your child can open individual-serving drink containers such a small milk carton or juice containers.
O   Your child can pour with little or no spilling.
O  Your child can cut his/her own food and spread butter with a knife.
O   Your child can fold clothes and puts it away in drawers.
O   Your child can join hand with friends on both sides and walk forwards and backwards.
O   Your child can run 50 yards without discomfort.
O   Your child can show you a number of fingers when asked for the numbers 0-10
O  Your child can make things with clay such as a ball, a snake, animals, etc…
O   Your child can use a pencil sharpener, staplers, erasers, and paper clips with little help.
O   Your child can cut out shapes and glue simple shapes.
O   Your child can fold a paper diagonally and horizontally with ease.
O   Your child can write the capital and small letters with proficiently.
O   Your child draws with more details.
Flowering 1st Graders
Knowledge Growth 
O   Your child can tell you their birthday with month and date.
Get out a penny, nickel, dime, and a dollar.  Ask your child the value of each.
O   Your child can tell you the value of a penny, nickel, dime, and dollar.
Ask your child to tell you the days of the week.
O  Your child can name the days of the week.
Ask your child to tell you the months in a year.
O  Your child can tell you the months of the year.
Have your child measure their finger, their hand across, and their hand length wise using a ruler.
O   Your child can tell you the length of their finger, width of their hand, and length of their hand.
Take an orange and cut it in half.  Put the halves together and make a whole orange.
O  Your child can identify half of an orange and the whole orange.
Run off the 10’s Frame and use it to add and subtract.
O   Your child can add and subtract up to 10.
Run off the Number Cards 1-10 and you will need 10 objects.
O   Your child turns over a card, tells you the number, and can take that many objects out for the numbers 1-10.
You will need a wipe off board or paper.  Write down numbers and ask your child to identify them 0-100.  Then ask your child to write a number 0-100.
O  Your child can read and write numbers up to 100.
Run off the Place Value pages.  Put down various numbers with tens and ones.
O   Your child understands place value.
Ask your child to write a sentence.
O   Your child can write a complete sentence.
Talk about an event your child has just done.  Ask your child to write a story about that event.
O Your child can write a story.
Run off various Word Family lists your child has worked on.
O   Your child can read the Word Family words.
Run off Sight Words your child has worked on.
O  Your child can read Sight Words.
Run off a Wisdom Level 8 book and have your child read it on their own.
O  Your child can read a Wisdom Level 8 book with 90% or better accuracy on their own.
O   My child can read and illustrate their own books.
From the Word Family lists your child has worked on ask them to write various words.
O My child can spell most Word Family Words.
Flowering 1st Graders
Creative Growth
O   Your child loves to pretend. 
O   Your child likes to collect things.
O   Your child likes to draw and paint.
O   Your child dances to their own beat.
O   Your child likes to play silly games.
O Your child likes to sing, move, and listen to music.
O   Your child likes to write and illustrate their own books.
O  Your child creates original art work.


First Grade Check-Ups (Tests)
Check-Ups are important to keep track of your 1st Grader's progress!


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