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Check-Ups for Second Graders
Print off the "Check-Ups" for second grades and get started!

Language Growth 
Ask your child to think of as many words as they can for the word, “big.”
O   Your child can think of two other words for the word big.
O  Your child can think of other words for many words; you really notice their vocabulary is increasing.
Ask your child about a subject they are REALLY interested in.
O   Your child can discuss a subject at a deeper level at this age.
Say to your child, “What is an object that is round, has numbers on it, has two hands, and it tells us the time?”
O   Your child can read between the lines and put clues together to tell you this is a clock.  You should be able to see this skill as they are reading also.
O  Your child loves to talk in detail about books they are reading.
O   Your child will tell detailed stories about their life.
O   Your child will ask questions to clarify information.
Shining 2nd Graders
Social Growth
O   Your child is very independent.
O   They are into school, activities, and relationships with their peers.
O   Your child will take healthy risks with encouragement.
O   Your child is a good friend and is expanding their friendships.
O   Your child responds positively to peers.
O   Your child likes to help others.
O   Your child is cooperative.
O   Your child likes to do things with their family.
O   Your child will comfort another child who is in distress.
O  Your child shows appropriate behavior in public places.
O   Your child hast good health habits (washing hands, blowing nose with a Kleenex, chewing with their mouth closed, etc…)
O   Your child understands acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
O   Your child shows pride and confidence in their own accomplishments.
O   Your child can complete a task independently without adult supervision.
Shining 2nd Graders
Physical Growth
O  Your child can do 10 pushups, 10 sit ups, and pull themselves up or lift their weight 5 times.
O  Your child can swing getting the swing started on their own and sustaining motion.
O   Your child can move from one overhead bar to another.
O   Your child can catch, throw, and hit a ball with a bat.
O   Your child can ride a bicycle.
O   Your child can jump rope.
O   Your child can jump, hop, leap, and run for longer periods of time.
O   Your child can pour with little or no spilling.
O   Your child can cut his/her own food and spread butter with a knife.
O   Your child can fold clothes and puts it away in drawers.
O   Your child can twist, spin, turn, balance and easily transfer their weight.
O   Your child can run 50 yards without discomfort.
O   Your child has muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility for their age.
O   Your child can make things with clay such as a ball, a snake, animals, etc…
O   Your child can use a pencil sharpener, staplers, erasers, and paper clips with out help.
O   Your child can cut out shapes and glue simple shapes.
O   Your child can fold a paper diagonally and horizontally with ease.
O   Your child can write words and sentence proficiently.
O   Your child draws with more details.
Shining 2nd Graders
Knowledge Growth
O   Your child starts reading at a Wisdom Level 9 and by the end of the year is reading fluently at a Wisdom Level 13.
O   Your child has a deeper understanding of what they are reading.
O   Your child’s stories are becoming more elaborate.
O  Your child is writing original books both fiction and nonfiction.
O   Your child is discovering the Craft of Writing (genres, vocabulary, sentences, etc...)
O   Your child understands place value up to 1,000.
O   Your child can add and subtract proficiently.
O   Your child can measure objects.
O   Your child can count money.
O   Your child can tell time.
Ask your child to get a ½ cup, 1/3 cup, ¼ cup and 1 cup of rice.
O  Your child can work with fractions.
O  Your child can add and subtract two and three-digit numbers.
O  Your child can estimate math outcomes.
O  Your child can identify geometric shapes (circle, quadrilateral, rhombus, square, trapezoid, hexagon, and parallelogram.)
O   Your child can find the perimeter of a simple shape.
O   Your child understands symmetry.
O    Your child can read and write temperatures using a thermometer.
O   Your child can read a map.
O   Your child is asking about and exploring historical times.
O   Your child knows the continents.
O   Your child explores various countries, states, and cities.
O   Your child is exploring many areas of science (weather, marine life, space, etc…)
O   Your child loves to read and learn!
Shining 2nd Graders
Creative Growth
O   Your child likes to do Arts and Crafts.
O   Your child likes to cook new recipes.
O   Your child has a vivid imagination; they can spin stories and likes to act them out.
O   Your child likes to draw, color, and paint; they create original art work.
O  Your child is interested in new art forms.
O   Your child likes to sing and has memorized favorite songs.
O  Your child writes creative stories with fascinating characters and illustrates their writing.
O   Your child can research and write nonfiction books.


Second Grade Check-Ups (Tests)
Check-Ups are important to keep track of your child's progress!


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