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Check-Ups for Third Graders
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Language Growth
O  Your child’s vocabulary is increasing and their knowledge of various words is expanding.
O  Your child discusses subjects at deeper levels.
O  Your child makes logical inferences by putting together pieces of information.
O  Your child can predict by using logic. 
O  Your child can discuss books, articles, and short stories they have read in detail.
O  Your child will tell in detail about their lives.  They love to keep journals.
O  Your child asks questions to clarify information or to get more detail.
O  Your child likes to carry on conversations with peers and adults.
Thinking 3rd Graders
Social Growth
O  Your child is interested in people and things outside of their house.
O  Your child is joining in on activities and clubs.
O  Your child is adventuresome and likes to try new things.
O  Your child likes to do things with their family and you are involved in their lives.
O  Your child has internalized what right and wrong actions are.
O  Being fair and telling the truth are very important to your child.
O  Your child has role models outside of your family.
Thinking 3rd Graders
Physical Growth
O Your child enjoys sports.
O  They can skip, spin, slide, catch, kick, bounce, throw, and can hit moving objects.
O  Your child knows about muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and how their body moves.
O  They have upper body strength to do handstands, cartwheels, and crab walks.
O Your child is doing activities that require intense physical activity.
Thinking 3rd Graders
Knowledge Growth
O  Your child starts reading at a Wisdom Level 14 and should end at Wisdom Level 17 or above.
O  Your child understands concepts at a deeper level (Example:  Your child is interested in animals.  They read and investigate about their habitat, what they eat, how they get their food, who their predators are, and many other aspects about animals.)
O Your child is thinking about their writing and using the Writer’s Craft to make their writing even more interesting.
O  Your child can focus for a long period of time.
O  Your child can add and subtract two and three digit numbers.
O Your child can read and write whole numbers.
O  Your child can count money by adding and subtracting very fluently.
O  Your child understands place value.
O  Your child knows multiplication and division.
O  Your child knows 3-D shapes, symmetry, perimeter, volume, and space & area.
O  Your child can round numbers and estimate very fluently.
O  Your child understands basic statistics and probability.
O  Your child can make and read bar graphs, line graphs, and table graphs.
O  Your child knows and understands fractions, decimals, and percents.
O Your child is discovering algebra concepts, patterns, and growing pattersn.
O  Your child is asking and researching various science subjects they are interested in depth.
O  Your child is interested in history, social issues, and many other social studies topics.
Thinking 3rd Graders
Creative Growth 
O Your child likes to build, draw, or design things.
O  Your child likes to experiment.  (This may be with color, texture, dance, singing, painting, clothes, acting etc…)
O  Your child likes to do arts and crafts.
O  Your child is a fantastic story teller.  (This may be in their drawing, paintings, books, stories, telling stories, acting, etc…)
O  Your child is discovering various art forms and creating original art.


Third Grade Check-Ups (Tests)
Check-Ups are important to keep track of your child's progress!



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