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As you read the "Emergent" books, mark off the ones you have read!  Reading is easy and fun!


Emergent Book Chart

Early learning fun starts with reading great books and playing sentence matching games!

*Emergent Books are fantastic to “start” children reading! Here is the Emergent Book Chart! As children read the Emergent books, 15 times, they can mark off the books they have read!
*Children will understand that the words and sentences tell the story.
*Kids will know how a book works; where the cover is located, where to start reading, you read from left to right, and you turn the pages to read a book.
*Children will start to recognize words as they read them over and over. They will see that letters, put together in a certain order, make a word.
*By reading the books over and over they will become “fluent” readers so they will understand what they are reading.
*Best of all, their faces will light up when they “read” their books aloud!



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