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Math Activity

Print off the Measuring Activity "Rulers and Yard Sticks" and get started! 

Rulers and Yard Sticks


You will need a ruler and a yard stick.

Start with a ruler to find the length. Show your child how to read inches. Then show them where a half inch is located on their ruler. Then show them where a 1⁄4 inch, 1⁄2 inch, and 3⁄4 inch are located within an inch.

Let them go wild measuring everything in the house.

Then make a game of it. Get two rulers and both of you measure. Say let’s try to find something that is ______ inches long.

Next, get a yard stick. Go over how to measure using a yard stick. Do the same activities you did with a ruler.

Measure On!!!

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Rulers and Yard Sticks
It is very important to learn all the different 
types of measurement! 

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