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Math Activity

Print off the Money Activity "Store" and start learning!



Before Playing:

1. You will need 9 dollar bills, 8 quarters, 4 half dollars, and 10 dimes, 10 nickels and 10 pennies.



1. Count your money. Go over how much each dollar/coin is worth. Count up each coin values.page1image2680

2. Take turns asking for certain amounts of money. Can you give that amount in other coins? What is the least amount of coins to make that amount?

3. Let’s play store. One person purchase and item for $1.34 and gives $2.00 to pay. The other person has to give change back. Estimating first the amount of money that will be given back (Example: If the amount was $1.30 I know the change would be $.70. Then count up from the purchase price (Example: Here is a penny, that is $1.35, a dime $1.45, a nickel $1.50, and a half dollar $2.00. Your exact change is $.66. That is $.04 less than my estimation of $.70).

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It is very important to learn all the different 
types of measurement! 

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