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Check List of Milestones for Second Graders 
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 Language Growth 
·         2nd Graders know many words for a concept (Example: said, screamed, whispered, shouted…)
·         They can discuss subjects at a deeper level
·         2nd Graders can make logical inferences by putting together pieces of information to understand a message
·         They love to discuss books they have read
·         2nd Graders will tell detailed stories of their lives
·         They ask questions to clarify information. 
Knowledge Growth
·         2nd Graders start reading at a wisdom level 9 and at the end of the year will be at a wisdom level 13
·         They have a deeper understanding of their reading
·         2nd Graders writing is being fine tuned and their stories become more elaborate
·         They are publishing original books both fiction and nonfiction
·         2nd Graders are discovering the craft of writing (homonyms, spelling, genres)
·         They are fine tuning place value, adding, subtracting, measurement, money and telling time
·         2nd Graders see math in everyday situations/word problems
·         They are working with fractions (1/2, 1/3, and 1/4)
·         2nd Graders add two-digit and three-digit numbers
·         They estimate and predict outcomes
·         2nd Graders identify place value to 1,000
·         They measure length, capacity, and weight
·         2nd Graders work with geometric shapes (circle, quadrilateral, rhombus, square, trapezoid, hexagon, and parallelogram)
·         They can find the perimeter of a simple shape
·         2nd Graders understand symmetry
·         They use time to sequence events
·         2nd Graders can read and write temperatures using a thermometer
·         They are looking at maps and love geography
·         2nd Graders are exploring many historical times
·         They know the continents
·         2nd Graders discover various countries of interest, states, and cities
·         They are exploring many areas of science (weather, marine life, space)
·         2nd Graders like board games, puzzles, and magic tricks
·         They love to be read to
Social Growth
·         2nd Graders are very independent individuals
·         They are immersed in school, activities and relationships with peers
·         2nd Graders need encouragement and will take risks
·         They are expanding friendships
·         2nd Graders provide and respond positively to peers
·         They desire to help others
·         2nd Graders participate cooperatively
·         They can be shy when trying something for the first time
·         2nd Graders like to have a plan for the day
·         They like to do things with their family
Physical Growth
·         2nd Graders skip, gallop, jump, hop, leap, and run for longer periods to increase physical activity
·         They twist, spin, turn, balance, and transfer weight
·         2nd Graders throw, catch, strike, and kick with fluent movements
·         They show muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility
·         2nd Graders can do about 10 Pushups, about 10 sit ups, and about 5 curl ups (lift their weight)
·         They like to run and run and run
Creative Growth
·         2nd Graders love to do arts and crafts
·         They love to cook new recipes
·         2nd Graders have vivid imaginations, they can spin stories, and love to act them out
·         The love to pretend
·         2nd Graders paint and draw with details
·         They learn dance steps and new dance moves
·         2nd Graders like to play silly games
·         They love to sing and sing songs they have memorized
·         2nd Graders like to write their own stories and illustrate them
·         They like to research write nonfiction books
·         2nd Graders like to create their own art work with various materials
·         They enjoy going to museums, plays, movies, and art galleries


Shining Second Graders


Print off the Milestones for your second grader!

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