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Check Lists of Milestones for Third Graders

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 Language Growth

·         3rd Graders are increasing their word usage and knowledge
·         They can discuss subjects at a deeper level
·         3rd Graders can make logical inferences by putting together pieces of information to understand a message
·         They can predict
·         3rd Graders discuss books, articles, and short stories they have read in detail
·         They will tell detailed occurrences of their lives
·         3rd Graders ask questions to clarify information
·         They can analyze and clarify language
 Knowledge Growth
·         3rd Graders are very interested in discovering the past
·         They understand concepts at a deeper level
·         3rd Graders start reading at about a wisdom level 14 and should end at wisdom level 17
·         They are using The Writer’s Craft as they write
·         3rd Graders can focus for a longer periods of time
·         If a topic interests them they will explore it in depth
·         3rd Graders will study these categories in math: Numbers, Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Graphing & Statistics, Patterns & Algebra, and Logical Reasoning
·         They add and subtract two and three digit numbers
·         3rd Graders read and write whole numbers
·         They understand how place value works
·         3rd Graders count and calculate money, use a calendar, measure with length & scale, and tell time
·         They know multiplication and division
·         3rd Graders can round numbers
·         They know shape, 3-D shapes, symmetry, perimeter, volume, and space & area
·         They know fractions, decimals, and percents
·         3rd Graders understand basic probability and statistics
·         They know bar graphs, line graphs, and table graphs
·         3rd Graders discovering algebra concepts, patterns, and growing patterns
·         They use logical reasoning when working in the area of math
·         3rd Graders are discovering and researching science subjects in depth
·         They are very interested in social studies topics (Geography, history, locations, holidays etc…)
Social Growth
·         3rd Graders are interested in things and people outside their house
·         They are joining clubs and activities
·         Their friends are very important to them
·         3rd Graders are very adventuresome and like to try new things
·         They like to do things with their family so stay involved
·         3rd Graders have internalized right and wrong actions
·         Being fair and telling the truth are important to 3rd Graders
·         They like to have planned days
·         3rd Graders will have role models outside of the family
·         They like accomplishing things
·         3rd Graders are very self sufficient
·         They are becoming very responsible and may help with younger siblings
·         3rd Graders know good manners and social graces/ “Please” and “Thank You” as well as table manners and common courtesies
·         They show respect to other people
·         3rd Graders recognize when someone is being excluded and take the initiative to include them
·         They are leaders
·         3rd Graders like to keep journals and diaries
Physical Growth
·         3rd Graders enjoy sports
·         They skip, spin, slide, catch, kick, bounce, throw, and can hit moving objects
·         3rd Graders know muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and how their body moves
·         They have enough upper body strength to do handstands, cartwheels, and crab walks
·         3rd Graders should be doing activities that require intense physical activity
Creative Growth
·         3rd Graders are very dramatic and like to pretend
·         They love to build and design things
·         3rd Graders love experiments
·         They like to do arts and crafts
·         3rd Graders are fantastic story tellers
·         They love to read poetry
·         3rd Graders draw, create original designs, and discover various art
·         They love to do arts and crafts
·         3rd Graders love to cook
·         They paint and draw in their own style
·         3rd Graders love to sing and dance
·         They write original stories and illustrate them
·         3rd Graders will research in depth and write nonfiction articles and books
·         They enjoy going to museums, plays, movies, and art galleries.


Thinking Third Graders
Print off the milestones for your third grader!


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